Saturday, May 9

Why Hello There


Alright this is just going to be a quick "update" blog to let everyone know whats going on with me and my shit!

First off, most importantly: Vote For Me Here
I want everyone to go to this site, and vote "yes" for me, and "no" for everyone else! I can win first and last months rent for when i move out and it would be a fantastic help with my finances and such for school next year! (you can vote every day)

Secondly: Check out my BlogTV page by clicking here
I will be going LIVE on BlogTV every other day to help remind everyone to vote! Voting ends on June 15th so make sure you stop by my show from time to time before voting ends! Its all fun and games there so don't forget to check when my next scheduled show is! (There is one tonight at 8:30pm EST)

Lastly, THANK YOU! for leaving me such great comments on my blog page, i epically love this one:

Sex said:
Let's have it.

Keep up the great comments! I read them all!